Ethan Richard Patrick Hickerson is a photographer available for hire.

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Instagram: @ethandoesthings

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In 2015, Ethan created a photography department for the digital agency Mobelux, where he worked with a diverse set of clientele. The position created unique imagery for brand types ranging from portable audio electronics, to farm-to-table produce subscriptions, to estates of American founding fathers, to nonprofits who provide health services to the Caribbean islands.

In 2017, Ethan founded The Photo Night, a monthly event inside of the Mobelux office where each month he invited two local photographers to show and speak on their work to an audience of approximately 30 people. The guidelines for these presentations were wide open, as the intention was to spread awareness of the diversity of visual languages that can be communicated through photography.

In 2018, Ethan took on the role of Lead Photographer for luxury-retailer Totokaelo through mid 2020.

In 2021, Ethan began freelancing full time. His clients have included Nike, Jordan Brand, Dwell Magazine, GOAT, and Shockoe Atelier.

Ethan’s personal works are emotional explorations of visual patterns created in the wake of large occurances. 

Techno Spa, an 11-image series on large newsprint, is a documentation of epiphanies of self-awareness. The prints are unbound, folded together, easily removeable for display.

The Next Big Thing, an 18 x 24” screenprint, was designed to communicate that an impending change is being withheld.


Photos by Emily Wicks