E-Commerce I, Totokaelo 


Redesigned lighting and direction, evolving from the established look.
Photos were made to highlight unique qualities of each piece’s design, and to demonstrate their physicality.

Created with Ali Breslin, Dev Hein, Alex Mauer, John Dijulio & Christian Michael Filardo

E-Commerce II, Totokaelo


Imagery referenced archival photography adapted for a modern look.
A priority was to better show the material of pieces which enhanced communication of product quality.

Created with Matt Tsang, Luke Davie, Eric Ngo, Ali Breslin, Dev Hein, Alex MauerJohn Dijulio & Christian Michael Filardo

Features, Totokaelo

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Imagery created for various marketing purposes.

Created with Dev Hein, Ali Breslin, Christina Allen, and Alexandria Mauer.